Announcement! Welcome to the Garbage Fire Book Club!

Welcome to the Garbage Fire Book Club: Book Burning Edition! Over the summer, we will be diving into a novel in-depth because we teachers and that what we do, yo.

Our first novel will be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and the book will be divided into three sections for discussion. The episodes will be scheduled for release on July 30th (Chapters 1-11), August 6 (Chapters 12 – 21), and August 13 (Chapters 22-31).

You can easily pick up a copy from your local library (preferably EPL), your local bookstore, online bookstores or big box stores. Please join us in the literary dumpster!


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  1. Just a question: is it the literary dumpster because the novels you’re choosing are terrible? or is there another reasoning behind the name?


    1. Its because we are so obsessed and passionate about it that we would be willing to wallow in a dumpster for it! Its about being trash for the things you love.


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